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About Us

Precious Gems Academy is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Hunterdon county  community since 2018. The mission of Precious Gems Academy is to educate the whole child to reach his or her potential and support families in that endeavor. We respect parents as their children’s first teachers. We are committed to an inclusive approach, offering bias-free, quality care education in an environment characterized by love and acceptance.

     Precious Gems educators are committed to the philosophy that children are natural learners who learn best through hands-on play in a flexible and nurturing classroom. Our teachers encourage self-confidence and socialization skills of each student by carefully tracking individual needs and development.

     A look inside our classrooms reveals the implementation of HighScope Curriculum®. The HighScope Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum carefully designed to provide a rich academic foundation and foster child creativity, confidence, and independence. We help you take the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects so your children are prepared for later schooling and future success in life.

     The HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum grounded in current research. The HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum is designed to support and guide you to build trusting relationships with your youngest learners so they feel confident to explore and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play.

     Precious Gems Academy is a values-based academy. Therefore, everything we do encourages and develops your child’s self-esteem and confidence. As part of our character development program, we strive to model and teach the values of caring, integrity, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

     Our families come from a wide background of race, culture, religion, and ability. Precious Gems Academy supports and welcomes all families and strives to create classroom environments where all children are valued for their unique abilities.

     We believe diversity enriches the experiences of the entire school community. Our academy celebrates diversity and incorporate anti-bias concepts into our curriculum and activities. We strive to make our programs accessible to all families and through donations and fundraising. 

Our Story

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Meet The Team


Ms. Katherine

Pre-K Assistant teacher

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