Precious Gems Academy


Recent Events


Chicks Hatching class

Someone will be joining our Preschool and Pre-k classes and giving us a lesson on how chicks hatch out from eggs. We will be incubating eggs to see them hatch in a few weeks!

May 6th

Tea Party with Mom

Come and join us for our Mother's Day Tea Party. Stop by anytime from 7:30am to 10:30am

Upcoming Events

May 20


Hatch Day!

Our eggs are ready and we will be seeing our chicks hatch!

June 6th


Mr. Ray!

Mr. Ray will joining us for some sing-A-long time!

June 17th


Donuts with Dad

All of our Dads are welcomed to join us from 7:30am to 10:30am for donuts with their child(ren). What if dad can't come? You can send Grandpa, Uncle, Big Brother, Family Friend, or any other male figure important to your child.

June 24th


Pre-K Graduation

Congratulations on our 2022 Pre-K graduating class! Ceremony will be held 10:30am followed by a brunch reception for all of our guests. RSVP by June 20th, maximum of 4 guest per family.